Customers’ Top-Rated

As the first company to bring Jojoba Oil to the US market in 1978, we’re proud to continuously introduce customers to the best personal care products nature has to offer. For more than three decades, we’ve sourced our Tea Tree Oils from eco-friendly and sustainable Australian plantations that give us first pick of the crop to ensure the highest quality leaves are chosen. Inspired by the nature around us and the lifestyles of those who embrace it, over the years we’ve expanded into a full range of products that are as nourishing as they are delightful. The results? Our customers are loyal enthusiasts who’ve picked up quite a few favorites along the way.
  • “I LIVE by this product and will nottrust any other for moisturizing andtaking care of my skin!” — Envivix
  • “Nothing has come close to the Blemish Touch Stick. This will be my FOREVER go-to product!” — Bexy
  • “These little pads are my secret weapon for great, fresh, glowing skin!” — Raylo
  • “This smells so good! Makes my hair soft and gives a clean shine!” — Joy83
  • “All you get is fresh, clean, shiny hair.” — Kryssi
  • “Finally - I found something that I don'thave to apply millions of times a day.”— CR
  • “Truly the best facial cleanser I've ever met :)” — Jennifer A
  • “This product leaves my mouthfeeling clean and refreshed and ittastes great!” — Ika
  • “Leaves my hair full of body and shine and the luscious coconut scent is a bonus!” — Cathy64