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Moisturizing Mouth Spray - Arctic Berry

Boost moisture and freshen breath with every spray! This convenient sugar and alcohol-free plant-based moisturizing mouth spray with 20% Xylitol provides instant relief and soothing mouth comfort.

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Botanically boost moisture and provide soothing mouth comfort with this on-the-go moisturizing mouth spray. Plant-based oils cultivate a healthy mouth microbiome to help keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. Nurturing Aloe soothes gums while 20% Xylitol and Glycerin help increase saliva and lock-in moisture. Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, known for its powerful antiseptic properties, helps fights cavity forming sugar acids. Finally, a burst of mouth-watering Arctic Berry flavor helps freshen breath.

"Life saver! I cannot say enough great things about this product. It is a must buy! This is the first mouth spray I've tried that I actually love! The flavor is so refreshing and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and moisturized…Desert Essence nailed it!!!" - Nikki J