Image for Neem Cinnamint Dental Floss

Neem Cinnamint Dental Floss

● Helps remove buildup between teeth
● Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
● Infused with inherently cleansing Australian Tea Tree Oil
● Does not contain alcohol

Keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright with this plant-based waxed floss that glides easily between teeth, gums and hard to reach spaces. Infused with Neem Bark and Leaf Extracts, Pure Australian Tea Tree, Clove Leaf and Pepper Fruit Oils to help keep your gums healthy. A sweet fusion of Wild Mint and Cinnamon Oils keep your breath fresh and clean. Helps remove plaque with regular use.


Please note that Desert Essence is in a packaging transition. There is a chance your products will arrive in the older package instead of new. Please know that we assure you it is the same great formula with effective results.


Animal Testing
Artificial Fragrances or Dyes


Biodegradable Formula
Cruelty Free

Pull approximately 18” (45cm) of floss, wound around fingers and hold tautly. Leave an inch or two to work with.

Gently guide floss between teeth and gums using an up and down motion. Be sure to curve around the base of each tooth and clean beneath the gumline.

Repeat using a clean section between each tooth.