Tea tree oil is one of our go-to versatile favorites thanks to its wide range of applications, whether you’re using it for household cleaning or treating your scalp. Since 1978, we’ve been inspired by tea tree oil’s potential, harvesting only the highest-quality oils from Australia. One of our favorite ways to use tea tree oil is, of course, in skin care. Tea tree oil is inherently clarifying and deeply cleansing, making it a skin-care must-have in our cabinets. To celebrate its botanical wonders, we've broken down tea tree oil’s benefits for skin ahead. 

How to Use Tea Tree Oil

Before we dive into tea tree oil’s skin-care uses, let’s talk about how you should apply it. Remember that tea tree oil should always be diluted—add one or two drops to a wet cotton pad to use it on skin or add one teaspoon to a gallon of water to use it as a household cleaner. With tea tree oil, test it on a small patch of skin about a day before you plan on using it to take note of any reactions. If you find pure tea tree oil too harsh, all of the tea tree oil-based options below are diluted and safe and efficacious to use directly on the skin.

1. Cleansing Oily Skin

As a key ingredient in many skin-care items, tea tree oil can help calm oily-prone skin. Thoroughly Clean Tea Face Wash, for example, harnesses tea tree oil's cleansing power to remove excess oil and other impurities without drying the skin. You can also use tea tree oil for the face with other Desert Essence skin-care items such as Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads and Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment

2. Soothing Blemishes 

Tea tree oil can also be helpful with soothing blemishes, thanks to its clarifying and antiseptic properties. Manage blemishes by using a spot treatment such as the Blemish Touch Stick, which you can even wear underneath your makeup. A ready-to-use formula such as our Kinder to Skin Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil can cleanse and soothe blemishes. Alternatively, you can also dilute pure tea tree oil with water and use that as a spot treatment.  

3. Soothing Sunburns

After a day at the beach, you might experience sunburn even if you lather on the sunscreen. To soothe fresh sunburns, we recommend slipping Tea Tree Relief Spray into your tote. This formula is infused with chamomile and horsetail for extra calming relief. You can also give sunburned skin some TLC with Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment, which contains sweet almond oil and jojoba oil for hydration and moisture.

4. Bringing Relief to Insect Bites

Tea tree oil is excellent for soothing insect bites, which is why you should stash it in your bag when hiking or camping. Not only does it have antiseptic properties, but it can also provide calming relief when bug bites strike. Simply dilute tea tree oil and apply it to the impacted area or spritz on Tea Tree Oil Relief Spray

Using tea tree oil for skin is a game-changer, whether you’re diluting it yourself or picking up a ready-to-use formula such as our Kinder to Skin Tea Tree Oil. Harness its revitalizing properties by checking out Desert Essence's Tea Tree Oil collection now.