Fall has finally arrived, announcing its presence with rustling of leaves and crisp, cool air. Life may feel a little slower after those bustling summer days, but this new pace of life means that you’ll have plenty of time for some much-deserved self care. If you’re looking for fun ways to show yourself some love in the autumn, here are a few fall self-care ideas to add to your bucket list this season.

1. Drinking Warm Beverages

When it comes to fall self care, nothing says autumn like a warm beverage in hand. A freshly brewed black coffee is tried and true, but there’s no going wrong with a quintessential pumpkin spice latte as you enjoy the picturesque views of the falling leaves. For those cozy nights in, you can also curl up with a cup of chai or mulled wine while watching your favorite Halloween movie. 

2. Rejuvenating the Senses With Essential Oils

On those peaceful fall mornings, enjoy a little aromatherapy by rejuvenating your senses with essential oils. This can be as easy as adding a few drops of a calming essential oil into your diffuser. When it comes to fall essential oil blends, embrace autumnal serenity with Desert Essence Inner Peace Organic Essential Oil, which blends together neroli, petitgrain and cedarwood for an early-day balance. You can also rub this onto your temples before a morning yoga session — simply mix 3 to 4 drops with jojoba oil, which will act as a carrier oil. Pampering Yourself With Skincare Products

Establishing a fall skincare routine is a must. When the weather cools down, your skin will likely be in need of extra moisturizing and nourishing. During this time of year, follow up your cleansing regimen with a moisturizer and facial oil to give your complexion extra love. Full of essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, Desert Essence Revitalizing Oils Moisturizer replenishes parched skin with evening primrose, argan and avocado oils. To help lock in hydration after moisturizing, you can then go in with Desert Essence Balancing Face Oil, a blend that harnesses moisture-restoring jojoba oil and antioxidant-wealthy pomegranate oil. If you’re looking to soothe wind-burned cheeks, we also love layering on Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment as a softening salve. 

3. Embracing Cozy Loungewear 

Sweater weather is also cozy pajama weather. Autumn is the perfect time of year to slip into your favorite matching silk or flannel set for extra warmth. When you snuggle up in your favorite loungewear before bed, don’t forget to show your skin extra love with nourishing creams and lotions. After slipping into your beloved PJ set, treat yourself to the delectable gourmand scents of the season with go-to’s like Desert Essence Pumpkin Spice Hand Repair Cream and Desert Essence Spicy Vanilla Chai Hand & Body Lotion

4. Reading Books and Journaling

Embrace your inner bookworm with a stack of cozy reads, whether you’re partial to mysteries or romances. All you need to do is set aside time in the day to curl up with a good book. If you’re ready to pen down your own reflections and stories, you can also express your thoughts in a personal journal. You can easily combine these cozy activities with the fall self-care tips above – slip into your comfiest PJs and put on an oil diffuser to set the mood for your reading or journaling time!

5. Indulging in Bath Essentials

Bring the spa into the comfort of your home with fall bath products. For an indulgent daily treat, cleanse and exfoliate with Desert Essence Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Soap Bar. Once a week, you can also pamper yourself with Desert Essence Hydrating Sugar Body Scrub, a botanical blend of sugar crystals, coconut oil and shea butter that buffs away rough skin while replenishing the moisture barrier for glowy results. After your much-deserved bath, seal in moisture with Desert Essence Jojoba, Coconut & Chamomile Body Oil Spray for velvety soft skin. 

6. Practicing Mindfulness

And last but not least, don’t forget to practice mindfulness this autumn. Of all of our tips, this is by far the simplest. Being present can make those autumnal memories sweeter, whether you’re joyfully jumping into leaf piles or slowly sipping a rich cup of chai. Living out every moment to the fullest will make your self-care routine feel so much more special. 

To round out your autumn self-care rituals over these next few months, pamper yourself with botanical fall essentials from Desert Essence