Few things in life are as luxurious as taking a warm bubble bath and pampering your skin from head to toe. We’re showing everyone who appreciates a good body oil and body scrub how to use these two together for a body care dream team.

What Are the Benefits of Body Scrubs?

What are the benefits of body scrub products beyond getting a gorgeous glow? As we age, our skin’s natural cellular turnover begins to slow down — and that means dullness and dryness. Fortunately, regular exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin. Exfoliation also helps your favorite skincare products absorb more easily into the skin and can help prevent clogged pores and blemishes. Plus, the whole body scrub experience melts away stress to help you relax and unwind.

Benefits of Body Scrubs

The Desert Essence Body Scrub Collection

  • Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub. This intensely exfoliating body scrub combines sea salt, shea butter, walnut shell powder, sweet almond oil and honey to detoxify, smooth and soften skin.
  • Hydrating Sugar Body Scrub. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this exfoliating body scrub is formulated with sugar crystals, coconut oil and shea butter for a sugary treat that transforms into a creamy, low-foaming lather.
  • Nourishing Pink Himalayan Salt & Sugar Body Scrub. This spa-strength body scrub is brimming with botanical minerals and vitamins courtesy of pink Himalayan salt, sugar crystals and apricot seed powder. Its velvety blend of shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil and soothing aloe leaf juice leaves skin soft and smooth with a spa-like glow.

    Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub

    What Are the Benefits of Body Oil Sprays?

    Body oil sprays are deeply hydrating after-shower formulas that help lock in moisture. At Desert Essence, our body oils are formulated with jojoba oil to seal in hydration for an incredible 24 hours. Ideal for use after your daily shower or bubble bath, these oil sprays instantly leave your skin silky-smooth and luminous with no greasy residue left behind — and they work on any skin type. 

    The Desert Essence Body Oil Spray Collection

    • Jojoba & Sunflower Body Oil SprayBest for normal skin, this body oil spray helps protect, smooth and soften the skin with a velvety, vitamin-rich blend of shea butter and jojoba oil, sunflower and apricot oils.

    • Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil SprayBest for dry skin, this deeply moisturizing body oil spray locks in moisture with a combination of jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.

    • Jojoba, Coconut & Chamomile Body Oil SprayBest for sensitive skin, this soothing body oil spray calms skin with a silky, nourishing blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and golden chamomile flower oil.

    Jojoba, Coconut & Chamomile Body Oil Spray

    How to Use Body Scrubs and Body Oil Sprays Together

    Once you’ve chosen your favorite combination of Desert Essence body scrubs and body oil sprays, it’s time to play matchmaker for skin you’ll love. Use your body scrub first in the bath or shower once or twice per week to help the body oil spray absorb into your skin more easily. 

    Apply your body scrub on damp skin using either your hands or a shower pouf, working it into a lather and then massaging it all over your body in circular motions to buff away dead skin cells with ease. Rinse your skin and pat yourself dry with a towel before moving on to your body oil spray.

    Pro Tip: Pay special attention to rough elbows, knees and heels. 

    Next, spritz the body oil spray into your hands or directly onto clean, damp skin. Gently massage the oil into your skin until it’s fully absorbed… and voila! Glowing, radiant-looking skin that looks as good as it feels.