Gluten is a common food allergen for many, so we’ve formulated most of our products to be gluten free. In fact, over 95% of Desert Essence’s plant-powered products are gluten free. But what exactly is gluten, and why might you consider choosing gluten-free body care products? Here’s everything you need to know about gluten-free body care and its benefits. 

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is essentially a combination of the proteins gliadin and glutenin, and it can be found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains. You may also find it in oat products processed with grains containing gluten. Although many can consume gluten without worry, gluten sensitivity is fairly common. It’s estimated that around 20 million people in the United States may have some form of gluten sensitivity. 

Those sensitive to gluten may have a wide range of reactions to it depending on how sensitive they are to it. Gluten intolerance may potentially lead to symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue and skin irritation if you’re exposed to gluten. Celiac disease, in particular, is an autoimmune disease that can damage the small intestine if you ingest gluten.  

Why Do Some People Avoid Body Care With Gluten? 

Gluten might commonly be associated with food like bread, but it’s also in a wide range of personal care items. While you can’t absorb gluten through the skin because its particles are too big, you could unintentionally ingest it. For example, you might get suds in your mouth in the shower when you use shampoo or body wash with gluten in it. When you apply a product to your skin and touch your mouth, you could also expose yourself to gluten that way. If you have Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, this could potentially trigger a reaction. 

To minimize your exposure to gluten, you can check to see if it’s in your personal care products, such as your hair care or body care. While you could sift through the ingredients one by one, it’s easiest to check for a “GF” or gluten-free icon. 

Why Is Gluten Used In Body Care?

Gluten can be used in body care to thicken, moisturize or exfoliate — that’s why you’ll often find it in beauty products and skin care. Products that contain vitamin E may also include gluten derived from wheat germ

To check if a Desert Essence product is gluten free, click on the ingredients tab in the product description. On the right side, you’ll see how the ingredients are certifiably different, including whether or not they’re gluten free. 

Gluten-Free Body Care Benefits

So, what are the perks of gluten-free personal care? Without further ado, here are the top benefits of going gluten free in your everyday regimen. 

1. Avoid Unintentionally Ingesting Gluten. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, gluten can’t be absorbed through your skin, but you may unintentionally ingest it through suds or touch. To prevent any chance of you accidentally consuming gluten, skip it in your body care altogether. 

2. Make It Easier To Avoid Gluten.  

A gluten-free label means you can rest assured that a product does not contain any gluten. While you could skim for terms such as “wheat,” “rye” or “barley,” the lack of these terms doesn’t always mean that they’re gluten free. 

3. Embrace Plant-Based Beauty.  

While gluten is commonly in personal care, you can definitely pamper your skin without it. Most of Desert Essence’s plant-based body care delivers botanical benefits while skipping gluten altogether. Our Coconut Hand and Body Lotion, for example, nourishes and softens hands without relying on gluten for emollient or moisturizing results. In this gluten-free lotion, organic coconut and jojoba oil help protect the skin’s moisture barrier. To complement it, refresh and revitalize with gluten-free body washes and body scrubs

For formulas that cleanse, soften and nourish, shop Desert Essence’s gluten-free body care collection.