Love is a beautiful experience, and it doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love. If your focus right now is you, then you should make a point to celebrate yourself. Valentine’s Day gets plenty of fanfare in February, but did you know that there’s a day solely dedicated to singles in November? That’s right — November 11 is officially Singles Day!  

Self care should be implemented every day, but this dedicated holiday is a great opportunity to nurture your mind, body and soul. For some self-love inspiration, here are our favorite Singles Day celebration ideas. 

Indulging in Self-Appreciation by Doing Your Favorite Things

Today’s all about you, so spend time enjoying your favorite activities. Self-care practices look different for everyone. Going to the movies, heading on a hiking adventure, checking out the farmers market — the possibilities are endless. If you love spending time at home, treat yourself to a low-key day reading, gardening or watching comfort shows. 

Throwing a Self-Love Celebration

Just as Valentine’s Day calls for roses and chocolates, Singles Day deserves celebration, too. Throw a fun party with fellow single friends or embark on a solo date at a fancy restaurant. You can even stay in and celebrate yourself by popping the champagne and cutting the cake!

Creating Your Singles Day Beauty Ritual With Desert Essence

Sometimes, showing that you love yourself means staying in touch with your personal wellness routine and caring for your body. At Desert Essence, we’re especially experts of self love when it comes to a skincare routine. Whether your Singles Day plans involve going out or staying in, we’ve got you covered with a relaxing beauty routine. 

Your Everyday Skincare Routine for Daily Self Love 

If you’ve had a fun day or night out for Singles Day, here’s how to unwind and show your face love with everyday skincare basics. (Note: It’s also perfect as a pre-makeup routine, too!)

Pampering Yourself on Singles Day With a Little Something Extra

On Singles Day, pamper yourself with a little something extra. These botanically potent skincare favorites will give you a spa-like experience without requiring you to step foot outside of your home — that’s to say, they’re perfect if your plans involve staying in and treating yourself. 

  • Desert Essence Cucumber Charcoal Face Mask: Elevate your self-care routine with a detoxifying face mask. Infused with activated coconut shell charcoal, bentonite clay and tea tree oil, this mask leaves you with a radiant complexion.
  • Desert Essence Gentle Facial Scrub: Feel refreshed with an effective exfoliant that won’t compromise your skin.  This cleanser harnesses botanical exfoliators such as walnut shell powder, jojoba seed powder, almond meal and oatmeal to reveal soft, smooth skin. 

Elevating Your Singles Day with a Positive Mindset

No matter what you do on Singles Day, embracing a positive mindset will help you savor every moment. Reflect on what you love about yourself and what you’re grateful for, journaling down your thoughts or speaking affirmations out loud. 

On your much-deserved day of self love, self appreciation can come in many forms, from a full-blown celebration to a simple, plant-powered Desert Essence beauty ritual. The day is yours to seize!