From the proper jojoba oil pronunciation (we get it!) to what makes jojoba oil such a special beauty ingredient (hint: It’s not actually an oil), we’re sharing everything you need to know about this natural wonder. 

What is Jojoba Oil?

Commonly referred to as nature’s multitasker, jojoba oil (pronounced huh·ho·buh) is a seed oil that’s known for minimizing excessive oil while restoring moisture and balance. Nourishing by nature and pure by design, our golden jojoba oils are extracted without chemicals and sourced from sustainable desert farms — and they can work wonders in every step of your beauty routine. Jojoba oil can be used for soft skin, glossy strands, smooth lips, moisturized cuticles and a healthy scalp. 

FAQ: How do you use jojoba oil?
A: Jojoba oil can be used from head to toe. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and fast absorbing, it can be used on your face, body and hair. It can even be used as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oils!

Organic Jojoba Oil

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Skin

The beauty of jojoba oil is that it’s not really an oil at all. In fact, it’s actually a wax ester that closely mimics skin’s natural sebum. In other words, it’s one of the best ingredients out there for balancing your skin’s oil production to calm oily areas and moisturize dry ones. By rapidly and thoroughly absorbing into the skin’s dermal layers, it moisturizes skin with no trace of greasiness left behind. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate jojoba oil into your skincare routine:

  • Makeup remover: Add a few drops of jojoba oil to a cotton ball and wipe over your eyes and face to remove makeup while moisturizing your skin.
  • Post-bath moisturizer: Apply jojoba to freshly washed skin to help seal in moisture without a greasy residue.
  • Lotion booster: Make your lotion last longer by mixing it with a few drops of jojoba oil.
  • Facial cleanser: Make your own oil cleanser by massaging jojoba oil on your face and then rinsing your skin clean with water.
  • Lip conditioner: Apply a drop of jojoba oil for lips that are soft and flake-free.
  • Shaving prep: Use jojoba oil anywhere you shave to help prevent razor burn.
  • Cuticle treatment: Rub jojoba oil onto your cuticles to keep your nails looking their best.
  • Foot moisturizer: Either massage jojoba oil onto your feet for a relaxing treatment or add it to your favorite lotion or foot cream for extra hydration.
  • After-sun lotion: Soothe red, irritated skin by gentling applying jojoba oil to any affected areas as needed.

FAQ: Does jojoba oil clog pores?
A: Fortunately, no! Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, which makes it ideal for those worried about preventing blemishes.

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba oil is also a perfect remedy for dry, lackluster hair and can also help moisturize your scalp. It’s particularly rich in vitamins and minerals that hydrate and nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc and copper.

Here are just a few ways jojoba oil can be used to revitalize your hair:

  • Deep conditioning treatment: Apply a quarter-size amount of jojoba oil to wet hair and allow it to set for 5–10 minutes. Then, shampoo your hair as normal for silky, touchable strands.
  • Scalp massage: Massage jojoba oil onto the scalp before shampooing your hair to help relieve dryness and prevent dandruff.
  • Anti-dryness solution: Add jojoba oil to your hair conditioner to help with dryness, breakage and split ends.

Types of Jojoba Oils

At Desert Essence, our hair care line features a wide range of products made with jojoba oil, including shampoos, conditioners, masks, primers and more. Browse our complete hair care collection here.

The Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Collection

Use our jojoba oils for hair that shines, or apply a nightly layer of jojoba oil for skin that glows. With so many uses in one little bottle, it’s easy to see why jojoba is no ordinary oil.

  • Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil. Our 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is a pure plant extract that gently cleans and moisturizes the skin, hair and scalp without leaving an oily residue. Non-GMO certified and grown on native family farms in the golden sand dunes of the Peruvian desert, these jojoba plants are nurtured with organic, sustainable nutrients, and the seeds are hand-harvested before the oil is cold-pressed.
  • Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil. USDA-certified, our organic jojoba oil is grown on native family farms in the Peruvian desert and nurtured with organic nutrients. The seeds are also hand-harvested before the oil is cold-pressed using sustainable production practices. 
  • Desert Essence Organic Coconut, Jojoba & Coffee Oil. This lush, beauty-awakening blend of organic coconut, jojoba and coffee oils softens, tones and invigorates the body, face and scalp. 
  • Desert Essence Organic Coconut & Jojoba Oil. Our lightweight, silky and illuminating blend of organic coconut and jojoba oils restores optimal moisture for soft, glowing skin and hair. 
  • Desert Essence Cannabis Sativa & Jojoba Pure Oil Blend. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, our cannabis sativa and jojoba pure oil blend helps comfort, soften and balance all skin types thanks to its concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and other skin-loving nutrients.
  • Desert Essence Moringa, Jojoba & Rose Hip Oil. This replenishing and rich blend softens, illuminates and rejuvenates your face, neck and hands with a nourishing blend of moringa, organic jojoba and rosehip oils. 
  • Desert Essence Lip Rescue Moisturizing – Jojoba Oil. Our moisturizing lip balm is formulated with jojoba oil, aloe and vitamin E to protect and soften dry lips with soothing plant oils, protective natural waxes and pure essential oils. 

Other Jojoba Oil Benefits You’ll Love

Not only is jojoba oil non-comedogenic and won't clog pores, but its ability to mimic skin’s sebum can help prevent future breakouts. 

At Desert Essence, both our 100% pure jojoba and organic jojoba oils are cold-pressed, and no chemicals are involved in the extraction process. Our organic jojoba oil is certified USDA Organic by meeting strict ingredient and processing standards, including no use of pesticides, fungicides, and any other chemicals. The non-organic jojoba oil is extracted without any chemicals, but is not certified under the USDA organic standard.

Discover the multitasking magic of jojoba for yourself! Shop our complete jojoba oil collection here.