Crisp, cool mornings and blustery winds signal the beautiful transition from summer to autumn. Atmospheric as they may be, these changes in the weather can take a toll on hair. As warm days wind down, we want to pamper our hair with love. To prepare for cozy season, here are five of the best Desert Essence hair care products for fall, along with a few hair care tips. 

Protect Hair: Anti-Breakage Hair Mask 

As autumn rolls around, many of us may be tucking our hair into hats or beanies to keep warm. Additionally, some of us might try tight hairstyles, such as buns and ponytails, that can pull out hair. To reduce breakage, nourish hair this season with professional-quality Anti-Breakage Hair Mask, which works as a replenishing hair moisturizer. This formula contains Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus biotin, provitamin B5, keratin and radish seed extract to reduce breakage by 61%. Jojoba oil, coconut oil and saw palmetto also help strengthen and revitalize hair. It’s easy to give your hair the boost it deserves: Simply apply the mask and leave it on. 

Replenish Moisture: Island Mango Conditioner

Along with fall comes chilly winds and cool, dry air. Under these conditions, your strands could use help with replenishing moisture. But you might be wondering how to best moisturize your hair. To maintain a lush mane,  Island Mango Conditioner is perfect for revitalizing dry or damaged hair. Mango seed butter, organic shea butter and organic sweet almond oil deliver essential fatty acids to give tresses a soft and silky feel — the mango also leaves a delicious scent, too! Apply the conditioner after using your favorite Desert Essence shampoo (including the complementing Island Mango Shampoo), then leave it on for one to two minutes before rinsing it off. Made with nourishing, plant-based ingredients, our shampoos are gluten free and cruelty free. 

Increase Shine: Smoothing Shampoo 

Cooler weather can render your hair dull as the air becomes drier, so give your mane a smooth transition into fall. With a blend of apple cider vinegar, quinoa protein and tea tree oil hydrosol, Smoothing Shampoo will, as its name promises, smooth down your hair cuticle for gleaming results. And, of course, it’ll remove product buildup. For extra radiance, it also incorporates jojoba oil so that you can combat any hair dullness that comes with the changing weather. For extra shine, consider treating your tresses with Smoothing Conditioner and Hair Primer

Defrizz Hair: Coconut Hair Defrizzer & Heat Protector Spray

Hair deprived of moisture in the autumn may experience the occasional bouts of frizz and flyaways. If you use hot water as the temperatures wind down, the heat can stress your hair as well. To replenish your mane, pick up Coconut Hair Defrizzer & Heat Protector Spray. In addition to calming down frizz, the lightweight formula also protects hair from heat styling — using a heat protectant for hair when curling or ironing your hair is a must. The jojoba extract and coconut oil in this hair product melt tangles and soften hair, while the nopal cactus and agave deliver moisture. Wind, rain or shine, you’ll be left with silky radiance. 

Deep Cleanse Hair: Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo 

Casual chills can take a toll on your scalp; both cold air and indoor heating can contribute to flakes. If you’re looking for a deep cleanse, one of our favorite powerhouse ingredients for doing so is tea tree oil. In Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo, this botanical wonder helps balance the scalp’s natural pH without stripping its emollients as it gently removes buildup and helps reduce flakes. The peppermint oil in the formula also stimulates and soothes the scalp, while the yucca cactus delivers a glamorous shine. 

As you get cozy and comfortable this autumn, don't forget to give your hair the love it deserves. Shop Desert Essence hair care to take on fall effortlessly.