Searching for a new summer look that will also keep your hair looking its best? We’re helping you beat the heat with some of the best protective hairstyles under the sun.

The Best Summer Hairstyles to Keep UV Rays at Bay

These summer hairstyles are all sizzling ways to help protect your hair from sun damage:

1. The High Ponytail

If you’re looking for a simple hairstyle that offers sun protection for hair and scalp alike, look no further than the classic ponytail. The trick to mastering this timeless look a la Ariana Grande is by pulling the top portion of your hair straight back and securing it high atop the crown. Then, pull the bottom section of your hair into a ponytail and secure it right below the top pony for a layering effect that makes your strands look longer and thicker in a flash. This summer hairstyle keeps your scalp fully covered while keeping your hair out of your face. Easy, breezy.

Looking for a style that also protects your exposed shoulders and neck? Opt for a half-up, half-down ‘do instead, and use a smoothing primer or shine-enhancing hair lotion to give your strands a sleek, glossy effect.

2. The Top Knot

Some days, you just want your hair completely out of the way — and that calls for a top knot. Not only does this look cover your scalp from the sun’s harsh rays, but it also allows for an undercover hair treatment, if you’re so inclined. Just apply an anti-breakage hair mask, leave-in conditioner or nourishing hair oil to your strands, concentrating on the ends, which are most susceptible to damage. Then, pull your hair up into a top knot and anchor it in place with a ponytail holder and bobby pins.

3. The Modern (or Retro) Headscarf

Ultimately, the key to summer hair protection is keeping it covered — either with UV-blocking SPF or a headscarf. The latter can boost your summer style with some boho-chic flair while concealing bad hair days in a pinch, and the look is easy to master. Just style your hair as usual with heat protectant spray, and then wrap your favorite scarf around your head, ensuring that it covers your scalp.

Prefer a more vintage vibe? Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly with a retro twist that can protect hair from sun naturally — and fashionably. Drape a long, lightweight scarf evenly atop your head, cross it at the nape of your neck, and then knot the ends in a front bow at your forehead or below the chin. (Add some cat-eye sunglasses for the full effect.)

4. The Faux-Hawk

Feeling edgy? Try blocking the sun with a sassy faux-hawk style that’s sure to turn heads. This ‘do is ideal for unwashed hair, although volumizing shampoo and texturizer can help give it just the right amount of oomph.

Start by spritzing on a texturizing spray or some dry shampoo, then finger comb it through your hair. Next, section off the left and right portions of your hair as well as the very front. Then, make a series of ponytails starting at your crown all the way down to the nape of your neck. (You’ll probably want at least four to six ponytails total.) Tease each one for extra volume, and then twist and knot them around one another using pins to keep them in place.

Once you’re finished, loosen each section by tugging at its sides to give the illusion of additional volume.

Whether you’re looking for products to protect hair from sun damage or all-natural shampoos, conditioners and treatments, our hair care collection is packed with everything you need to keep your hair looking its best all season long.