While we should all strive to be sustainable beyond April, Earth Month is a great reminder to incorporate greener practices in our day-to-day lives. At Desert Essence, we’re fans of sustainable beauty, but we know that there’s so much more that we can all do to reduce our carbon footprints beyond the realm of beauty. Ahead, we’ve compiled sustainability tips to help you be more eco-friendly during and after Earth Month. 

1. Simple Changes to Make a Big Impact

Your sustainability efforts can start with your daily habits. Little things that can make a substantial impact include turning off the lights when you’re not using them, bringing a reusable bag to the store and DIY-ing your household cleaners. It's also helpful to review how you throw away your trash. Study your recycling options to avoid tossing anything that could be recycled — also consider upcycling harder-to-recycle pieces. 

2. Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

Over time, you can build your simple sustainability efforts into an established lifestyle. Some habits require more planning and mindfulness as you incorporate them into your life. For example, you may opt to bike or use public transit on certain days of the week to reduce carbon emissions. Another practice you can incorporate into your lifestyle is reducing your single-use plastic usage, which will require research as you find plastic alternatives for various day-to-day items.

3. Support Sustainable Businesses

Ease your carbon footprint by supporting sustainable businesses. When purchasing goods like skin care and body care, research the company that you want to buy from to check if their practices are truly eco-friendly. At Desert Essence, here are just a few of the ways that we hold ourselves accountable on the sustainability front: 


  • B Corporation commitment: As a certified B Corporation, we meet high standards of public transparency, legal accountability and social/environmental performance to create a world that works for everyone. 
  • USDA-certified organic ingredients: We also use USDA-certified organic ingredients wherever possible, and many of our non-certified organic ingredients are cultivated sustainably by global farmers. 
  • RSPO-certified sustainably harvested palm oil: We use RSPO-certified sustainably harvested palm oil in our soap bars — this means our suppliers have to follow strict ethical standards around how to treat the environment, wildlife and workers. 
  • Mindful ingredient sourcing: We care about where we source our ingredients, gathering our ingredients from global suppliers who share our respect for the planet. our Desert Essence Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil and Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil, for example, are produced with sustainable practices in mind, utilizing all of the plant and byproducts in our products. 
  • Eco-conscious packaging: Our packaging features recyclable, BPA-free tubes, bottles and caps — you can check our product packaging for specific recycling numbers. We also use post-consumer recycled packaging and offer refillable solutions, such as our Desert Essence Foaming Hand Soap Pods Starter Kits.

4. Get Involved in Your Community

Working towards a sustainable life is so much more fun with others, especially when you can see how your efforts directly impact your local community. There are many ways to get involved in eco-friendly activities in your city or town. Join local community gardens to grow and share produce, volunteer with wildlife rescue programs to take care of animals or even organize a neighborhood litter pickup committee. 

By taking the time to be more sustainable, you help care for the land, people and creatures that share the planet with you. Desert Essence is proud to be one of your go-to sustainable beauty brands as you embark on living greener. To see how we’re committed to sustainability efforts, check out our Certifications page.