Face masks may be commonplace now due to COVID-19, but blemishes caused by face masks don’t have to be. From how to get rid of existing blemishes to how to prevent “maskne” in the first place, we’ve got you covered with a guide to keeping your skin looking its best while navigating the pandemic.

What is Maskne?

The term “maskne” refers to irritation or blemishes caused by wearing face mask coverings. Frequent mask wearing in response to COVID-19 can lead to redness and breakouts around the nose, mouth and chin as well as behind your ears due to irritation from mask straps. (Thanks a lot, new normal.)

Skin Care Tips for Blemish Prone Skin

How to Get Rid of Blemishes Caused by Face Masks

1. Deep clean your skin.

The first step to avoiding face mask irritation and breakouts is sticking to a regular cleansing routine. Our Thoroughly Clean Face Wash ensures a deep but gentle cleanse courtesy of Eco-Harvest® tea tree oil, olive-oil-based castile soap and nourishing coconut oil. Use it daily to thoroughly remove excess oil and other impurities without a drying effect. Prefer a soap bar that you can use on your face and body? Try our plant-based Activated Charcoal Soap Bar, which naturally absorbs impurities while nourishing and softening the skin.

2. Keep impurities at bay. 

Depending on your daily routine, it can help to use a cleanser that you can take on the go. Our cleansing pads are the perfect solution for conveniently removing oil, impurities and makeup anytime — anyplace. Pack them in your carry-on or gym bag to clean and refresh your skin in one simple step.

Toner can also help remove excess oil and tighten pores without the need for a full-on face wash. Our Cucumber & Aloe Facial Toner purifies and clarifies with Australian tea tree oil, witch hazel and cooling cucumber. 

3. Treat existing blemishes. 

If your skin is already broken out, using a topical treatment with tea tree oil can help expedite the healing process. Our Kinder to Skin Tea Tree Oil and Blemish Touch Stick can both be applied directly to blemishes. These skin-clearing solutions are formulated with tea tree oil and soothing plant extracts to help diminish the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections.

4. Moisturize your skin with a face lotion.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so make sure that the areas of your face hidden beneath your face mask are properly moisturized. Our Cucumber & Aloe Facial Lotion is formulated with bentonite and kaolin clays for lightweight hydration that softens, tones and detoxifies. Plus, its cooling cucumber and soothing aloe help calm existing skin irritation while sealing in hydration. 

5. Soothe irritation with tea tree oil.

If you’re currently suffering from face mask breakouts or redness, a topical tea tree oil for face irritation can help soothe the skin as it heals. Our intensive skin ointment instantly relieves minor skin irritations with a blend of pure botanical oils and Australian tea tree oil, which makes it the perfect product to help with skin irritation caused by mask straps.

This natural ointment also provides cooling relief for razor burn and after waxing treatments, making it a must for anyone’s medicine cabinet.

6. Wash your face mask on a regular basis.

The more you wear a reusable face mask, the more dirt, bacteria, makeup and impurities it’s sure to collect. Wash your face mask on a regular basis to keep it clean, and be sure to use a gentle laundry detergent that’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. 

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How to Minimize Maskne Infographic