Whether you’re struggling with breakouts or hoping to take better care of your complexion in general, we’re sharing how to wash your face the right way for cleaner, healthier skin. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

Ideally, you want to wash your face twice per day: once in the morning right after you wake up and again at night just before bed. Your morning wash helps remove any impurities from your skin from overnight (like sweat or germs from your pillowcase), but your evening skincare routine is the most critical — even if you don’t wear any makeup throughout the day. Thoroughly cleansing your skin before bed not only helps prevent future breakouts but also allows your skincare products to work more efficiently.

That being said, you may want to cleanse your skin right after hitting the gym or working up a sweat, as well. Micellar water is a good option for a post-workout refresh and doesn’t require rinsing after.

Face Washing Routine Facial Toner & Cleansing Water

How to Wash Your Face the Right Way

1. Use two cleansers.

If you struggle at all with breakouts, using two face cleansers at night can help keep blemishes at bay. Start with an oil-based cleanser or pure jojoba oil, and then follow it with a water-based formula to thoroughly cleanse your skin. 

2. Use a face washcloth.

While washing your face with your hands is perfectly fine, a face washcloth or cleansing tool can cleanse your skin more effectively than using your hands alone with the added bonus of exfoliation. Plus, using a light-colored washcloth can quickly show any residual makeup, ensuring that your face gets completely clean.

3. Remove stubborn makeup.

From waterproof makeup and heavy-duty concealer to winged eyeliner and lip stains, some makeup has serious staying power. Melt away challenging products with the help of makeup removers and rinseless micellar water. These formulas are designed to tackle stubborn leftover makeup without aggravating the skin.

4. Wash your face at the sink.

Why shouldn’t you wash your face in the shower? Using hot water on your skin may feel like a steam treatment, but all that heat can actually cause irritation and even dryness. Stick with lukewarm water for the least irritation. 

5. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

After cleansing, pat your skin with a clean, soft towel. Continue pressing the towel onto your face to gently blot the water away until your skin is dry.

6. Use a face toner.

While toners aren’t facial cleansers persay, they do play a vital role in the face-washing process. Toners help remove any residue your cleanser may have left behind while acting as a pore-tightening astringent.

7. Be gentle.

Tugging and scrubbing your skin can counteract even the most luxurious skincare routine. Use gentle strokes and circular motions when washing your face, and avoid tugging at the sensitive skin around the eyes. 

8. Take your time.

While it’s tempting to rush through your face wash routine in order to head out the door or get some zzz’s, it’s important to allow yourself enough time to do it right. Cleanse your skin for at least 60 seconds in order to thoroughly remove all makeup and impurities