Wellness routines are important for a well-lived and healthy life. Wellness is a holistic term that refers to practiced habits that improve your physical and mental health. In other words, it can include exercise and diet, but it's also about getting proper sleep, stress relief, and much more. The great thing about a wellness routine is that you can pick and choose aspects that fit your specific lifestyle — after all, you don’t want to stress over how to reduce stress! So, what are examples of wellness? If you’re looking for ways to implement your wellness routine, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas below, including some that incorporate Desert Essence favorites.  

How Do You Create a Wellness Routine?

Get Your Body Moving

One crucial part of any daily wellness routine is exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, most healthy adults should aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Being active, of course, looks different for everyone. It can be as simple as jogging with your dog every morning or as committed as taking a spin class every day after work. Low-impact movement, such as walking, can also make a difference in boosting your physical and mental health. 

Give Yourself Some Quiet Time

You don’t have to be moving all the time, of course. Quiet alone time can be beneficial in reducing stress, improving concentration, and boosting your mood. Even if you’re a busy bee who's crunched on time, you can see the benefits of meditation with at least 10 minutes of meditation per day. Your designated daily quiet time can also be time for journaling, praying, reading, and more. 

Wake Up Your Senses With Aromatherapy Oil

Whether you’re preparing for an important day or just need to wind down after a long one, aromatherapy oils can help curb stress. Desert Essence’s certified organic aromatherapy oils help you focus and find peace when hectic times are afoot. With soothing picks such as Muscle Melt Organic Essential Oil and Sharp Thought Organic Essential Oil, it's easier to feel like your best self. Dilute these with carrier oils for skin application or add them to a diffuser as needed. 

Take Care of Your Body Hygiene

Regular upkeep of your body helps you relieve stress and stay healthy, and it can be fun if you give yourself a spa-like experience daily. Facial cleansers and moisturizers leave your face luminous and hydrated, so you feel clean and relaxed after a day out. The rest of your body deserves the same level of attention, too. Pamper it with body oils, lotions, and washes. We’ve crafted formulas to invigorate your senses with skin-nourishing ingredients and uplifting scents — that said, those with scent sensitivities can enjoy fragrance-free formulas, too. For the details on choosing and applying skin care, check out our tips here

Implement a Nighttime Ritual 

A nighttime routine can help you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality. In addition to your skin care regimen, you might have a fixed oral care and hair care routine. After pampering your body for the night, you might curl up in bed with your favorite book or listen to a calming playlist. There's no wrong way to go about it, as long as you get yourself in the mood for rejuvenating and much-deserved zzz’s! 


At the end of the day, how you implement your wellness routine is all up to you. We know that life can get busy, so you can customize it as it fits into your personal schedule. Be kind to yourself, as routines take time to develop. Some ways to help form consistent habits include starting small, making them easy, and rewarding yourself, on top of doing them every day. 

To kick off your wellness journey, incorporate nourishing, plant-powered products from Desert Essence into your every day care regimen.