Fall weekends call for impromptu trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. In addition to enjoying your autumn harvest, harness botanical goodness in your beauty routine, too — in fact, pumpkins and apples are, besides being tasty, full of personal care benefits. When that autumn chill comes around, it’s time to give your daily beauty regimen a nourishing boost. To get you started, here are 10 must-have Desert Essence products to add to your fall self-care ritual.

Embrace the Fall Vibes with Pumpkin Spice Hand Repair Cream

Sweater weather calls for pumpkin spice not only in coffee but also in your moisturizers. Indulge in autumnal deliciousness while nourishing weathered hands with Desert Essence Pumpkin Spice Hand Repair Cream. For velvety smooth hands, this botanical beauty formula spotlights fast-absorbing organic pumpkin seed oil and moisture-replenishing jojoba oil.

Strengthen and Nourish: Anti-Breakage Hair Mask

Cool, blustery winds can take a toll on your hair this fall, so keep your strands shiny with a nourishing hair treatment. Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Hair Mask features a salon-quality formula with Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus biotin, keratin and provitamin B5. For extra hydrating goodness, it’s infused with moisture-locking oils such as jojoba, coconut and olive oils. 

Restore Radiance with Restorative Face Oil

Bring out your autumn glow by incorporating a facial oil into your daily fall beauty routine. A treat for dry or mature skin, Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil pampers the face with essential fatty acids, featuring organic evening primrose and marula oils. Remember to first layer on your serums and moisturizing creams before you reach for this oil.

Protect Skin With Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Skin Ointment

Like a calming cup of tea on a crisp fall morning, Desert Essence Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Skin Ointment works to soothe. Along with the antiseptic qualities of manuka and tea tree oils, jojoba and sweet almond oils render skin silky smooth. Apply this to sensitive skin for minor cuts, burns or dryness all throughout autumn. 

Breathe Deeply: Experience the Aromatherapy of Organic Essential Oils

Between leaf peeping and pumpkin carving, autumn can be a busy time of year. Keep essential oils for fall on hand to treat yourself to the gift of calm. Start each fall morning with Desert Essence Breathe Deeply Organic Essential Oil. This offers a fresh reprieve with purifying notes of organic fir needle, tea tree and cardamom.

Indulge in Luxurious Hydration with Shea & Jojoba Body Butter

Nourishing skin care is an autumn essential — if your skin is feeling particularly parched, soothe rough spots with a hydrating body butter. In addition to moisture-replenishing hyaluronic acid and firming coffee oil, Desert Essence Shea & Jojoba Body Butter softens the skin with moisturizing botanical oils and butters. Simply smooth on a dollop of it any time of day. 

Cleanse & Replenish with Sweet Almond Body Wash

When picking out your fall skincare essentials, don’t neglect body care. Giving your skin a deep cleanse doesn’t have to mean compromising your moisture barrier. While removing impurities, Desert Essence Sweet Almond Body Wash locks in moisture for radiantly smooth skin, courtesy of organic sweet almond, comfrey and aloe. 

Rescue Your Lips with Ultra Hydrating Lip Rescue - Shea Butter

Outside of your autumn skincare routine, remember to keep your lips kissably soft! Dry air and cool winds can be harsh on sensitive lip skin, so apply Desert Essence Ultra Hydrating Lip Rescue - Shea Butter throughout the day. Along with organic shea butter and beeswax, this moisturizing formula replenishes dry, cracked lips with rosemary oil and ginkgo biloba. 

Treat Your Tresses with Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner

Our last must-have actually includes 2 products, both infused with the crisp scent of apple: Desert Essence Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. In addition to seasonal apple picking, enjoy antioxidant-rich green apple in your hair care regimen. Volumizing and hydrating, Desert Essence Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo removes daily pollutants while revitalizing dull strands with organic aloe and nettle. For an extra surge of botanical moisture, follow up with the complementing Desert Essence Green Apple & Ginger Conditioner, which leaves the mane silky soft with moisture-replenishing jojoba and sunflower oils. 

Even during autumn’s cooler months, smooth skin, silky soft hair and a balanced mind are all within reach. To pamper yourself this season, add Desert Essence self-care essentials to your routine.