Even in the simplest of skincare routines, moisturizer is essential. When properly applied, moisturizer can feel and look great, helping you soothe parched skin while leaving you with a radiant complexion. Along with facial cleansers and treatments, moisturizer for your face is a must in any regimen, but why is that so? Here are the top reasons why you should start using a daily facial moisturizer — we’ll also help you get started with recommendations for nourishing plant-based Desert Essence skincare products.  

1. Moisturizer hydrates the skin when it gets stripped of its moisture. 

Plenty of factors can contribute to your skin losing its moisture, which can make it rough and dry. Dry air, low humidity, harsh winds and overexposure to UV light are just a few factors. Even hot water can speed up moisture loss. Moisturizing helps rehydrate the skin and allows it to retain moisture better. So, should you moisturize every day? Absolutely. In fact, you can moisturize your face twice a day, both in the morning and at night. The important thing is that you do it at least once a day after cleansing your face.   

Ideally, you want your skin to be slightly damp when you moisturize. After rinsing off your cleanser, gently pat your skin dry. Patting instead of rubbing your face helps you retain more moisture. Before moisturizing, you can use any cleanser as long as it’s suitable for your skin type — Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Tea Tree Oil Face Wash works wonderfully for oily skin, Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash - Sea Kelp is perfect for combination skin and Desert Essence Creamy Oil Cleanser is especially nourishing for dry skin. 

2. Moisturizer soothes your skin during dry or harsh weather. 

Moisturizing is critical no matter your climate, but it’s an indispensable step of your skincare routine in dry or cold conditions. Low moisture in the air dries the skin, which can lead to itching and flaking. Cold weather can also take a toll on your skin with hot air inside and dry air in general. Sealing in moisture will not only help your skin feel comfortable, but it'll also yield a radiant, refreshed complexion. 

It's helpful to follow up a hydrating moisturizer with a face oil to make your skin extra soft and supple. Face oils can serve many purposes. Jojoba oil, in particular, is excellent for balancing moisture levels in the skin without feeling greasy. 

3. Moisturizer protects your skin barrier to help prevent environmental damage. 

Moisturizer is a great way to nourish the outermost layer of your skin, i.e. your skin barrier, so that it can protect you. The skin barrier prevents your body from moisture loss. Therefore, it’s ideal to make a habit out of moisturizing daily. 

4. Moisturizer complements your makeup. 

Moisturizer can help you prime your face before you put on makeup. Specifically, it serves not only to soothe your skin but also to make your makeup last longer. And, of course, it allows you to work with a smooth canvas for applying your makeup. Here's one of our favorite moisturizer tips: You can mix concealer with moisturizer to achieve a “no makeup” look on more low-key days. This combination should work wonderfully as a tinted moisturizer for medium coverage.

5. Moisturizer is helpful for all skin types. 

No matter if you have oily, dry or combination skin, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a nourishing moisturizer — that’s right, moisturizer isn’t only for dry skin! Even if you have oily skin, you want to use moisturizer to help prevent water loss. Skin hydration is defined as the process in which water gets absorbed into the skin to keep its plumpness, elasticity and resiliency. Skin oil maintains the barrier function, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is getting the water it needs. When you strip away this oil, it can even make your skin lose moisture.  

When it comes to moisturizers for the face, Desert Essence carries plant-powered products for all skin types, whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. Desert Essence Revitalizing Oils Facial Moisturizer is a great barrier enhancer for dry skin, Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer nourishes combination skin and Desert Essence Cucumber & Aloe Facial Lotion pampers and tones oily skin. 

For daily botanical hydration that leaves your skin radiant and revitalized, shop Desert Essence moisturizers to find the right formula, no matter if you have dry, oily or combo skin.