As any beauty enthusiast knows, the base for great makeup application is high-quality skin care. Before you glam up with foundation and a swipe of lipstick, glow up with skin cleansers, moisturizers and treatments. No worries if you’re wondering how to develop a skin-care regimen for the smoothest makeup application — we’ve got all of the details that you need to know ahead. 


Always take your makeup off before you go to bed! 

The cardinal rule of makeup is always to remove it before bedtime. Nighttime is when your skin takes time to repair and renew itself, and makeup can prevent this process from happening. Makeup can, of course, also clog your pores since it’s often oil-based. If you wear makeup, it can especially be helpful to double cleanse, whether you pair Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Jojoba Oil, Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleansing Pads, or Cucumber & Aloe Micellar Cleansing Facial Water


Thoroughly wash your face before applying your makeup.

Before applying any makeup, you want a clean skin surface to work with. Deeply cleanse your face with Thoroughly Clean Tea Tree Oil Face Wash or Thoroughly Clean Face Wash in Sea Kelp to remove any dirt, oil or impurities.  


Exfoliate to smooth skin. 

To create a silky smooth canvas for your makeup, pamper your skin once or twice a week with an exfoliant like Gentle Facial Scrub. This soothing formula uses walnut shell powder, jojoba oil and aloe to buff away dead skin and stimulate skin for a healthy glow. If you're wondering how to exfoliate your face, it's easy! Simply massage your damp face with the scrub and rinse it off with cool water. 


Tone your skin.

In addition to washing your face, use Cucumber & Aloe Facial Toner to purify and tighten pores without stripping your skin's moisture barrier — toning can especially be a helpful step for controlling oily skin. 



Hydrated skin reveals a beautiful, healthy glow — it's really one of the key skin-care steps if you're wondering how to make makeup last all day. To soothe flakes and itchiness associated with dry skin, deeply moisturize with Revitalizing Oils Facial Moisturizer. This gentle formula harnesses evening primrose, argan and avocado oils to deliver nourishing antioxidants and essential fatty acids for silky smooth skin. What’s great is that it absorbs deeply into the skin so you can wear it underneath makeup. 


Spot treat blemishes.

Blemishes are normal, and you can luckily spot-treat them with a skin treatment. Available in the form of a convenient rollerball, the Blemish Touch Stick sits beautifully under makeup, and it's also great for minor bug bites and skin irritations. 


Apply oil-free foundation.

If you have oily or combination skin, it can be helpful to apply an oil-free foundation. These formulas are typically more lightweight and breathable, so you won’t have to worry about them clogging your pores as much. When you’re finished applying your makeup, pull everything together with a light, translucent setting powder.

Before even thinking about which mascaras and lipsticks to use, pamper yourself with a skin-care routine that keeps your skin clean and hydrated. From skin cleansers to treatments, shop Desert Essence for your glow up. 

Credit: Amanda Johnson