With conditions like low rainfall and humidity, a dry climate can take a toll on your skin's moisture barrier and leave it feeling parched and irritated. But even if you live in a dry climate, dewy skin is still within reach. Ultimately, it all comes down to harnessing nourishing ingredients for your skin and body care routines while taking steps to protect your skin from the elements. Here are our tips on how to keep skin hydrated in a dry climate.

1. Choose Hydrating Skincare Products

Maintaining supple skin in a dry climate starts with establishing a moisturizing morning or nighttime skincare routine. Oils deliver hydration-locking fatty acids to support your moisture barrier and leave you with a healthy glow. Look for them in moisturizers and use pure face oils in tandem with creams. 

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil 

In addition to a nourishing cleanser, you can double-cleanse with jojoba oil. Mimicking the skin's sebum, it works as a gentle makeup cleanser and can help you hydrate dry spots and balance oily areas. For an extra hydration boost, you can also add a few drops to your moisturizer.

Desert Essence Revitalizing Oils Facial Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a must for any dry climate skincare routine. If you're looking for the best moisturizer for dry climates, this is one of our favorites. It harnesses the hydrating properties of evening primrose, argan and avocado oils to leave skin silky soft without feeling greasy. Plus, it contains phytonutrients and essential fatty acids to enhance the moisture barrier. 

Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil

After moisturizing, add lightweight hydration with facial oil. Great for dry or mature skin, Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil combines good-for-you organic evening primrose, marula and jojoba oils to deliver antioxidants and a healthy glow. 


2. Pamper Yourself With Nourishing Body Care

Dry weather skin care also includes body care. In addition to facial skin care, don't forget the rest of your body. Ingredients such as coconut oil can deliver essential fatty acids that help lock in moisture and soften skin. 

Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash 

For intense hydration as you shower, Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash combines jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to rejuvenate dull skin while removing impurities. Once or twice a week, you can also go in with Desert Essence Nourishing Pink Himalayan Salt & Sugar Body Scrub to gently exfoliate rough skin. 


Desert Essence Sweet Almond Hand & Body Lotion 

After showering, lock in hydration with a nourishing lotion. Desert Essence Sweet Almond Hand & Body Lotion is packed with vitamins, proteins and fatty acids courtesy of organic sweet almond oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. If your feet could use extra moisturizing, reach for Perfect Pistachio Foot Repair Cream.

Desert Essence Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil Spray 

A replenishing body oil spray can bolster your dry climate body care routine. This deeply absorbent after-shower body oil spray locks in moisture for 24 hours thanks to jojoba oil, almond oil and shea butter. 


3. Protect Skin From the Sun

Dry climates can irritate your skin, and sun damage can make your skin feel even more parched and irritated. Using sun protection will help support your moisture barrier. To help protect your skin from sun damage, remember to apply sunscreen and use accessories such as wide-brimmed hats when you leave your home. 


4. Turn on a Humidifier

Low moisture levels in the air may impact your skin's barrier and leave it irritated. While you can't control the elements outside, you can control the air quality in your home. Consider adding moisture to your indoor air with a humidifier, especially if you use any heating or cooling unit that makes your indoor space extra drafty and dry. 


Navigating skin care in a dry climate can require extra effort, but you can give your skin a moisturizing boost by choosing the right ingredients in your personal care products. To replenish your skin in a dry climate, find plant-powered personal care from Desert Essence that supports and softens skin.