Before you know it, summer has arrived. Whether you're lounging by the pool or playing in the sand, you're likely spending more time outside to enjoy the dog days of summer. But as beautiful as they may be, summer days can take a toll on your skin. To get that effortless summer glow while keeping your skin soft and cleansed, here are our go-to summer skincare tips and the Desert Essence skincare products we love to use in our routines. 

 1. Swap Out Heavier Moisturizers

As the days get warmer, jump start your summer skincare routine by switching to lightweight moisturizers to avoid a greasy or heavy feeling on your face. For softening and smoothing nourishment,  Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer harnesses the botanical goodness of jojoba oil, organic aloe and safflower oil to give you an effortless summer glow. You can apply it as part of your morning or nighttime regimen — it actually sits beautifully beneath makeup!

 2. Add a Lightweight Sunscreen

One of the cardinal rules of skin care is to lather on the SPF all year round, but it's especially important when you're spending more time outside during the summer. Apply sunscreen every morning before you head outdoors, no matter if you’re briefly browsing the farmers market or heading out to the beach.

 3. Use a Gentle Cleanser

To remove sweat and other impurities that build up on your face, a facial cleanser is one of the most crucial aspects of summer skin care. That said, you'll want a gentle formula that's cleansing and clarifying without drying out your skin. To spruce up after our summer fun, we like reaching for Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash - Sea Kelp, which removes oils, sweat and dirt courtesy of tea tree oil and Castile soap. This formula also calms the skin with soothing sea kelp, organic echinacea, licorice root and other good-for-you ingredients. 

 4. Exfoliate Regularly

Those sweltering summer days can mean increased sweating, which can lead to congested pores. For a smooth and bright complexion, pamper yourself with a gentle exfoliant 2 to 3 times a week. To reveal radiant and fresh skin, Desert Essence Gentle Facial Scrub harnesses botanical exfoliators such as walnut shell powder, jojoba seed powder, almond meal and oatmeal.

 5. Hydrate

In addition to creams and cleansers, one of our go-to summer skincare tips is hydrating ourselves with plain old water. During hot weather, it's easy to become dehydrated, so it's crucial to stay refreshed throughout the day with a water bottle on you. Staying on top of your water intake isn't just skin deep, although water can benefit your skin. Most of your cells and tissues (including the ones that make up your skin) consist of water, which helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulate body temperature, protect tissues and more. 

 6. Boost Your Nighttime Routine 

Between UV rays and environmental pollutants, summer can wear out your skin. To help restore skin, consider picking up an antioxidant-rich serum to boost your nighttime regimen. Along with protective antioxidants, Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil will help replenish with nourishing fatty acids courtesy of organic evening primrose and marula oils. 

 7. Keep Products Handy for Touch-Ups and On-the-Go Skin Care 

When you're out all summer long, you might not always have time to roll out an entire skincare routine. For addressing minor irritations and quick sprucing up, here are a few soothing and cleansing products you can carry with you when you're away from home. 

  • Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick: For blemishes, insect bites and other minor skin irritations, this cleansing and clarifying go-to delivers relief. It's perfect to throw in your backpack or bag when you're hiking or camping this summer. 
  • Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads: Refresh your skin with one simple step — no rinsing needed. Whether you're traveling for the weekend or heading to the gym, these can always help you spruce up immediately. 
  • Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass Probiotic Hand Sanitizer: When you can't wash your hands right away, a squeeze or pump of Desert Essence hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of most common harmful germs with its 75% natural grain alcohol. Plus, the potent probiotics nourish your hands while pure essential oils deliver a refreshing scent. 

From beach days to backyard parties, summer is full of sun-soaked adventures. When you're out having fun in the sun, remember to stay on top of your skincare routine with Desert Essence Skin Care to nourish your skin and embrace that summer glow!