At Desert Essence, we firmly believe that beauty should be free from worrisome ingredients — as well as cruelty. To show that we care through our actions, we’re proud to be certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny Program. 


What Is the Leaping Bunny Program? 

The Leaping Bunny Program is the global gold standard for cruelty-free certification. Essentially, it sets internationally recognized guidelines for cruelty-free products. The organization started in 1996 when eight national animal protection groups came together to establish a single comprehensive standard for the term “cruelty-free” — many brands called themselves "cruelty-free," but that label meant different things across the board. Today, the organization partners with companies to establish trust with consumers and make it easier for shoppers to track down animal-friendly products. 


What Does Cruelty-Free Mean? 

We're proud to be among the cruelty-free personal care brands out there. As a cruelty-free company, we can say that none of our ingredients or finished products undergo animal testing. That’s right — with every step of the production process, we make sure to eliminate animal testing. This means that we don’t work with suppliers who test on animals, either.


Why Desert Essence Personal Care?

At Desert Essence, we commit to harnessing botanical ingredients such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, aloe and more — with all of our products certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny Program. We make sure to create effective products that truly nourish, hydrate and revitalize your skin without involving any cruelty. You’ll be able to power your skin-care regimen with cruelty-free facial cleansers, moisturizers and treatments. Besides face washes and moisturizers, power your regimen with facial cleansing pads, micellar cleansing water, stimulating facial scrubs, clarifying toners and more. Whatever your skin type, you'll find options for normal, combination, oily and dry skin. 


Implement a cruelty-free personal care routine 

Besides skin care, boost your routine with other cruelty-free products, such as oils, body care, hair care, dental care and personal care items. Stock up on oils such as cleansing Tea Tree Oil and skin-balancing Jojoba Oil, freshen your breath with Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste and nourish your hair with Coconut Shampoo. Rest easy knowing that you're shopping products not tested on animals. 


Other certifications

In addition to developing cruelty-free products, we are proud to be a B corp committed to high standards of public transparency, legal accountability and social/environmental performance. We also source USDA-certified ingredients whenever we can, too. Additionally, many of our non-certified-organic ingredients are cultivated sustainably by caring farmers worldwide. You can learn all about our certifications here