With so many shampoos to choose from, finding just the right one for your hair routine may be a daunting task. Desert Essence has a wide range of shampoos, and each is formulated with refreshing botanicals to cater to what you specifically need. To help you find just the right shampoo for beautiful strands, we’ve put together a handy product finder. 

A Shampoo for Every Hair Care Need

Best for Fine, Flat Hair: Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo

Volume for days is just a hair wash away. This volumizing shampoo contains organic green apple and ginger to support your hair and give it a beautiful shine. Provitamin B5 helps correct daily damage as organic aloe delivers hydration and organic nettle supports healthy hair strands. 


Best for Color-Treated Hair: Italian Red Grape Shampoo 

Keep color-treated tresses shielded from damaging UV rays with organic grape seed extract and resveratrol in this perfect-for-summertime shampoo. Resveratrol, in case you didn't know, is a natural UV filter derived from grapes. Besides protecting your hair from environmental stressors, this shampoo provides hydration with organic aloe vera leaf juice and vitamins with organic kelp and nettle.


Best for Hair Shine: Red Raspberry Shampoo

Get your shine on. Revel in plant-powered gloss courtesy of red raspberry leaf and bilberry. The organic maca root and sea kelp will also help support healthy hair. And to top it off, you’ll love the delicious raspberry scent. 


Best for Oily Hair: Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo

Those with oily hair can keep calm and clarify with Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo. Featuring a zesty lemon scent, this shampoo for oily hair gently removes oil excess and product buildup to leave you with soft, bouncy locks. The organic Australian tea tree oil and lemon peel extract work together to bring the scalp back to its preferred pH. 


Best for Scent Sensitivity: Fragrance-Free Shampoo

If you love moisturizing shampoo but have a scent sensitivity, this one’s for you. In this formula, jojoba oil, organic comfrey and organic green tea hydrate your hair as plant-powered cleaners give your scalp and strands a refresh.


Best for Curly Hair: Coconut Shampoo  

 Keep frizz and tangles at bay with soothing Coconut Shampoo. Deliver nourishment to your curls with this deeply moisturizing formula containing hydrating organic coconut oil, plus organic shea butter, hemp oil and olive oil. 


Best for Sports: Italian Lemon Shampoo

After an active day, refresh and revitalize with Italian Lemon Shampoo. Suitable for all hair types, it features lemon peel oil, aloe and rice amino acids to eliminate excess oil and product buildup post-workout. 


Best for Normal to Dry Hair: Island Mango Shampoo

Enriched with mango seed butter, organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil, Island Mango Shampoo is a moisturizing treat for dry or damaged hair. The essential fatty acids from the oil and butters will leave hair silky soft — not to mention you get a sweet tropical scent, too.


Best for Dry, Damaged Hair: Anti-Breakage Shampoo

The best shampoo for dry, damaged hair, Anti-Breakage Shampoo blends together Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus biotin, keratin and provitamin B5 to support hair and give it healthy nutrition. Ingredients such as coconut oil and radish seed extract smooth hair and give it some plant-powered gloss.


Best for Frizzy Hair: Smoothing Shampoo 

Dial down the frizz with Smoothing Shampoo. Fortified with ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, quinoa protein and tea tree oil hydrosol, it smoothes hair and increases its shine by 5X. It’s hands down the best shampoo for frizzy hair, perfect for giving your mane a gleaming, post-salon radiance. 


Shop Desert Essence’s shampoo collection to make every day a good hair day — don’t forget the softening and strengthening conditioners to match, either!