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Bulgarian Lavender Body Wash

Gentle lavender body wash formulated with Organic Sea Kelp, Aloe and Bulgarian Lavender. Soothes senses with the calming aromatherapeutic benefits of pure Lavender.

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Brimming with botanical nutrition, this nurturing lavender body wash gently rinses away impurities with plant-based cleansers. Organic Sea Kelp and Aloe provide a soothing surge of moisture, while Organic Bulgarian Lavender fills the air with a delightfully calming scent. Leaves your skin soft and refreshed—and your senses relaxed. Certified to NSF Organic Standard.

"This body wash is fabulous! After a hard day, it makes me look forward to my shower so that I can unwind and relax with its healing and comforting agents. It aids me in getting a restful good night's sleep." - Diddykitty