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Kinder to Skin Manuka Oil & Tea Tree Oil

Delicate enough for sensitive skin and powerful enough for problem skin. Gentle diluted Tea Tree Oil solution with Manuka Oil helps cleanse and soothe blemishes and irritation.

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The inherently cleansing properties of our pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and powerful soothing New Zealand Manuka Oil combined with Denatured Natural Grain Alcohol, creates a gentle water-soluble formula for soothing blemishes and problem skin areas for those with sensitive skin. Nature's gentle yet powerful duo is mild enough to apply directly to skin. Helps clarify, soothe skin, reduce irritation and relieve insect bites.

"One word WOW! Talk about working fast. As soon as my blemish showed up I applied the Manuka Tea Tree and by the next morning it was unnoticeable. This is a must have for fast fix of blemishes. Thanks Desert Essence!!!!" - Leah1229