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Tea Tree Oil Dental Tape

This naturally waxed dental tape floss has a thicker width which enables it to thoroughly cleanse wider spaces between teeth, gliding smoothly between gums and hard-to-reach spaces. Australian Tea Tree Oil lends its powerful cleansing benefits, while Mint Essential Oil keeps breath fresh and clean.

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This plant-powered dental tape relies on Beeswax, a sustainably sourced derivative of honeycombs, to enable it to glide easily between teeth and gums. Inherently cleansing Australian Tea Tree Oil and Mint keep breath fresh and clean. Dental tape is thicker than floss to make it easy to clean wider spaces between teeth. Helps remove plaque with regular use.

"This beats everything on the market!! No fraying, no breaking, use far less, simply because I do not need to get 'another piece' after one gets caught between my teeth & breaks. One strip does it all!!" - wulfe1