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Tea Tree Oil Whitening Plus Toothpaste

Whitening, fluoride-free tea tree oil toothpaste formulated with pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, Bamboo Stem Fiber and Baking Soda. Keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright while freshening breath with cool Wintergreen Mint.

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Made with inherently cleansing botanicals, this fluoride-free toothpaste brightens your smile, while helping to keep teeth and gums healthy. Baking Soda and Bamboo Extracts help remove surface stains and whiten teeth. Zinc Citrate helps to reduce buildup, while pure Australian Tea Tree Oil helps fight cavity-forming sugar acids. Leaves breath beautifully fresh with a burst of cool Wintergreen Mint.

"Feeling fresh! I use both the tooth paste and mouth wash and love both! They leave my mouth feeling fresh long after use. Quickly removes surface stains!" - natnat