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Beauty Blooms in the Desert™

Our favorite uses for jojoba oil

How do you use Nature’s Multi-Tasker? Share with the Desert Essence community!

  • Eye and Face
    Makeup Remover

    Add a few drops of jojoba oil to fingers or to a cotton ball and wipe over eyes and face. Rinse off with water and follow with regular cleanser.

  • Facial Cleanser
    and Moisturizer

    To cleanse normal to dry skin, apply with a few drops on fingers or cotton ball. Remove with water. Pat a few more drops on to damp skin for a lasting moisture treatment.

  • Body Moisturizer
    Apply immediately after shower or bath, while skin is still damp. It seals in moisture, leaving skin
    soft and smooth.

  • Massage and Bath Oil
    Great for a massage therapist or for use at home. Perfect for sensitive skin. Add a few drops to your bath to leave skin moisturized, soft, and smooth.

  • Foot and Hand Softener
    Use alone or add a few drops to your regular moisturizer. For an intense foot treatment, apply oil, wrap in gauze and put on socks. Leave on for at least one hour. Feet will be beautifully soft and smooth.

  • Hair and Scalp

    Add a few drops to
    hands. Massage into
    scalp to relieve dryness.

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair
    Smooth a quarter-sized amount of oil over damp hair, focusing on ends. Wait 5-10 minutes before shampooing out. To help mend split ends, rub one or two drops onto ends.

  • Lip Conditioner
    Apply to finger and smooth onto lips. Works great as an overnight treatment

  • Cuticle Oil
    Apply a few drops to rough, dry cuticles at least once per day.

  • Shaving Prep
    and Aftershave

    Apply to beard or desired area beneath your shaving product. Helps prevent razor burn and leaves skin smooth and soft. Apply directly after shaving to effectively soothe and moisturize skin.

  • Carrier Oil
    Dilute a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as Tea Tree Oil or Lavender, in Jojoba Oil prior to massaging into the skin.

  • Summer Hair

    Massage a quarter-sized amount to hair before going swimming to protect it from chlorine and salt water.

Our favorite uses for jojoba oil

Purely natural moisture for hair and skin is only the beginning…

As the first company in the US to market Jojoba Oil, our commitment to natural, chemical-free processing of this desert jojoba shrub stems as far back as our founding in 1978. For more than 30 years, we’ve sourced our Jojoba Oil from a select few number of farms in the Sonoran desert, where the native jojoba shrub thrives despite harsh climates. The Sonoran farms have adopted measures that respect the jojoba shrub, the land on which it is grown, and natural growth with minimum outside inputs.

Our Jojoba Oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, and strictly tested to ensure there are no contaminants, residue or other oils—just pure 100% pure jojoba oil. The quality is clear from our oil’s rich, gold coloring. Because it is nearly identical in chemical structure to the natural oils in skin and hair, Jojoba Oil is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. Try it with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and use it as a massage oil, body moisturizer, deep conditioning treatment for hair, makeup remover, and so much more.

100% Pure Jojoba Oil
Cold-pressed, unrefined, and strictly tested for impurities, with no chemicals involved in the extraction process. Harvested in farms that use drip irrigation systems.

4 fl. oz. | $13.99

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Organic Jojoba Oil
100% Organic, USDA-certified with no use of pesticides, fungicides, or any other chemicals. Cold pressed, unrefined, and harvested in fields that are hand-manicured and use drip irrigation.

4 fl. oz. | $15.99

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