Desert Essence's Spring Cleaning Skin Care Tips

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When flowers bloom and warm breezes fill the air, we know that spring has officially arrived. These subtle cues from nature serve as gentle reminders for us to make changes in our day-to-day lives. Even something as simple as our spring skincare routine can benefit from small adjustments, especially as our skin adapts to warmer weather. 

So how do you take care of your skin in the spring? Here are easy spring skincare tips to freshen up your daily ritual. 

Out with the Old, In with the New: Gentle Cleansing Techniques

Rain, snow or shine, a cleanser should be a part of your skincare regimen no matter the season. Still, switching up your cleanser can help your skin ease into spring. With the warm temperatures and extra humidity that come with spring, you might notice more oil and sweat on your face. Look for a gentle but deeply cleansing formula that unclogs and tightens pores — we especially love Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Deep Pore Cleanser. To remove any extra traces of dirt, follow up with Desert Essence Cucumber & Aloe Facial Toner, which will clarify the face without drying out the skin.

Shedding Winter Layers: Exfoliation Essentials

When it comes to skin care in the spring, exfoliation is essential. Winter’s dry, cold air can leave our skin dull and flaky, and exfoliation can rejuvenate the skin to reveal a healthy glow. Once or twice a week, pamper your face with an exfoliant like Desert Essence Gentle Facial Scrub to buff away dead skin and unclog pores. This botanically rich formula uses ingredients such as walnut shell powder, jojoba seed powder, almond meal and oatmeal to give skin a radiant refresh.

Hydration Station: Nourishing Your Skin for Spring

Thick moisturizing creams are extra nourishing during winter, but they can feel heavy during spring. As you choose skin care for spring, seek out a lightweight moisturizer. For non-greasy moisturizing, soothe and soften your face with Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer, which works beautifully beneath makeup. It’s packed with botanicals such as jojoba oil, safflower oil and aloe to give you a silky, supple complexion. For an extra hydrating boost, layer on a facial oil in the evening to indulge parched skin with the penetrating moisture and nourishing antioxidants from the botanical oils in Desert Essence Restorative Face Oil

Protect and Prevent: Sun Care Tips for Spring

We can’t talk about sunnier, warmer weather without emphasizing the importance of sun care. Whatever your spring skin care looks like, it should include SPF. Throughout the year, you should already be wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. But it’s especially important to remember to protect your skin with sunscreen when you spend more time outside this spring and summer. 

Like your wardrobe, your beauty routine can benefit from some spring cleaning as you assess which products will help you adapt to the changing season. With these tips in mind, enjoy the beautiful weather while giving your skin the love it deserves.

Ready to refresh your skincare routine for spring? Explore Desert Essence's Skin Care Collection today!

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