In addition to being merry and bright, the holiday season can come with the stresses of cold weather, hectic holiday gatherings, and packed work calendars. For much-deserved self care, plant-powered aromatherapy can help you stay grounded when Christmas festivities go into full gear. Whether you’re rubbing a touch of diluted oil onto your wrists or placing a few drops into your diffuser, the holiday essential oil blends below deliver a burst of joy for the season’s greetings. 

Beat the Holiday Blues

Even with an abundance of Christmas cheer, it’s natural to feel burned out and tired. The holiday blues can come from anything and everything. As its name implies, Desert Essence Mood Lifter Organic Essential Oil can lift your mood and spirits with its energizing aromatic fragrance. It’s infused with festive nutmeg and rosemary, as well as bright notes of tea tree, citrus and lemongrass. For some holiday aromatherapy, dilute three to four drops with one ounce of a carrier oil (such as jojoba oil), and rub the blend onto your wrists.  

Keep Your Inner Peace During the Holiday Season

Silent nights aren’t always guaranteed during the holidays. If the creatures are still stirring well into the festivities, keep your inner peace with a botanical oil. For balance and tranquility, indulge yourself with Desert Essence Inner Peace Organic Essential Oil. Complement the firewood and Christmas tree smells with one of our go-to holiday essential oils. It beautifully blends organic neroli, petitgrain and cedarwood with woodsy frankincense and sandalwood to quell anxious feelings. We recommend using it in the morning; dilute three to four drops with jojoba oil and rub it along your temples before meditating or practicing yoga

Breathe Deeply This Holiday Season

Between decorating and gift exchanging, most of us could use a breather during the holiday season. Perfect for when you’re entertaining guests, Desert Essence Breathe Deeply Organic Essential Oil features a blend of fir needle, cedarwood and Australian tea tree oil to freshen the air. There’s also spicy cardamom, as well as bright grapefruit, eucalyptus and peppermint for festive, revitalizing notes. Tip: If you find that your shoes are well-traveled this winter, add two or three drops of this oil into them to help eliminate odors. 

Relax and Recharge This Holiday Season 

You deserve a moment (or even a day) of rest and relaxation before the new year comes around. Infused with the calming benefits of lavender and cleansing benefits of tea tree oil, Desert Essence Organic Lavender Tea Tree Oil will offer a boost of much-needed calm before, during, or after your holiday celebrations. What we love about this blend is its incredible versatility. You can add a few drops into your diffuser or your laundry for extra calming freshness. It's even great for skin care: You can pair it with a carrier oil to soothe blemishes and other minor skin irritations. 

In between searching for the perfect gifts and putting up festive decorations, pamper yourself this holiday season with a soothing and rejuvenating plant-based oil blend. Shop the best holiday essential oils from Desert Essence for a burst of joy and calm during your merry festivities.