Did you know that July 15 is officially National Clean Beauty Day? At Desert Essence, we’re celebrating the clean beauty community’s devotion to ingredient and production transparency. As a company, we commit to offering clean beauty options for our customers, working with organizations and suppliers who share our values in looking after the land, creatures and people that make Earth so wonderful.

But even though clean beauty has never been buzzier, you might not know what it exactly entails. If you’re a diligent consumer who wants to know what goes into your beauty products, it’s worth diving into this little nook of the beauty industry. To help get you started on your clean beauty journey, here’s Desert Essence’s guide to what clean beauty is and why you should care about it.

What Is Clean Beauty?

The clean beauty movement emerged in the 1990’s and has sustained its momentum ever since. Clean beauty started out as a response to the limited regulation in the cosmetics industry as consumers became increasingly concerned over potentially worrisome ingredients such as artificial dyes and fragrances. As a response, brands started flagging concerning ingredients and offering consumers options that didn’t contain such ingredients.

Clean beauty’s primary focus is limiting potentially harmful ingredients, but its definition has expanded to include much more over the years. Today, clean beauty advocates also work towards eliminating animal testing and supporting sustainable production practices.

Why Should You Care About Clean Beauty?

The clean beauty community can empower consumers with knowledge about what goes into their favorite products. It educates customers about potentially worrisome additives and points them towards alternative options full of replenishing and just-as-effective ingredients. Many people also want to support companies whose practices align with their values. They want to buy from companies that are concretely committed to social responsibility and develop cruelty-free and sustainable products. And without a doubt, looking into clean beauty is a great way to start this process.

Myths and Misconceptions About Clean Beauty

There are often misconceptions about clean beauty, especially around what it is and whether or not it’s effective. As you look into what the clean beauty industry has to offer, here are a few to keep on your radar.

  • Myth 1: Clean beauty uses less effective ingredients. While clean beauty brands may skip certain ingredients, many will mindfully source botanically derived, good-for-you ingredients. Desert Essence, for example, gravitates towards ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and aloe, which are pure yet effective.

  • Myth 2: Clean beauty is not compatible with sensitive skin. Clean beauty products can be just as nourishing for sensitive skin, and many clean beauty brands even develop formulas with sensitive skin in mind. If you have any sensitivities to certain ingredients, you can always double-check ingredient lists.

  • Myth 3: Clean beauty is a regulated term. To ensure that a company walks the walk instead of just talking the talk, carefully consider a product’s ingredient list and certifications.

While the term “clean beauty” can be blurry in practice, many brands illustrate their commitment to social responsibility through tangible actions. Desert Essence, for example, prioritizes ingredient transparency. When it comes to what’s in our products, we omit artificial dyes and fragrances, opting for botanically powered formulas. For your peace of mind, we also clearly label items that are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO or organic to help you choose the just-right beauty products.

To inspire customer confidence, Desert Essence also seeks certifications from trusted organizations such as the Leaping Bunny Program and B Lab. As a company certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny Program, we eliminate animal testing at every step of the production process. As a B-Corp corporation, we also meet high standards of public transparency, legal accountability and social/environmental performance to work towards the benefit of the planet and its people. You can learn more about our certifications here.

How to Incorporate Clean Beauty Products Into Your Routine

Although you can be a mindful consumer every day, National Clean Beauty Day is a great reminder to evaluate and revamp your beauty routine. Beauty lovers just starting their clean beauty journeys can discover nourishing go-to’s from Desert Essence’s cruelty-free collection, which includes skin care, body care, hair care, oral care and dental care. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum-free deodorant, organic jojoba oil, vegan body wash or fluoride-free toothpaste, Desert Essence offers a range of products full of good-for-you, desert-derived ingredients.

Embrace Clean Beauty and Transform Your Routine Now!