Feeling tired, anxious and generally overwhelmed? We’re taking a look at how to manage stress year-round with tried-and-true holistic measures that benefit your mind, body and soul.

How to Reduce Stress Naturally

1. Utilize aromatherapy oils.

Whether you want to unwind after a hectic day or prep yourself mentally for a looming deadline, aromatherapy oils are the perfect way to help ease stress. Our collection of organic essential oil blends features special formulas to help boost your mood, engage your mind, promote better sleep, create inner peace and so much more. 

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2. Practice breathing exercises for stress reduction.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, deep breathing exercises can help you restore your sense of calm and regain your peace of mind. Find a comfortable spot to lie or sit down, and inhale deeply through your nose. Then, slowly exhale through your mouth with pursed lips. Repeat this 3–10 times to help lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Pro Tip: You can also use our Breathe Deeply Aromatherapy Oil while meditating or doing breathing exercises. This purifying essential oil blend releases a fresh burst of clean with a fusion of organic fir needle, Australian tea tree oil and cardamom for a more breathable environment.

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How to Manage Stress

3. Upgrade your skin care.

Sticking to a skincare routine is an excellent way to reduce stress while practicing self-care. Wash away the day with a gentle but effective plant-based facial cleanser, and then treat yourself to a charcoal face mask to unwind even further. 

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4. Exfoliate for a fresh start.

There’s something so therapeutic about the exfoliation process, so consider adding a body scrub to your weekly routine.  Our cleansing scrubs contain the finest clays, oils and mineral-rich salts to leave your skin radiant, soft and revitalized. 

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5. Get enough sleep. 

Getting enough zzz’s is a critical component of feeling your best — and it can help you tackle those daily stressors head-on. Aim for eight hours of shut-eye per night, and use essential oils like our Dream Weaver blend to help you drift off to sleep. This relaxing essential oil blend is made with a dreamy combination of organic frankincense, lavender and sweet marjoram to promote a tranquil state of mind and sweet, restful sleep.

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Managing stress holistically can work wonders for your overall well-being. How do you manage stress and anxiety? Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to share your best stress-management tips.

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