You’ve probably heard of chamomile tea, but did you know that chamomile is an excellent personal care ingredient, too? Chamomile can be found in many herbal teas that promote relaxation, whether you want to ease your worries or catch better sleep. It’s also a botanical wonder that relaxes sensitive skin by soothing and calming it down. Curious to learn about chamomile and all of its wonder-full properties? Read ahead to learn all about this rejuvenating ingredient

What Is Chamomile? 

Chamomile (and the pronunciation is cam-mo-meel or cam-mo-mile) is a flowering plant from the daisy family (Asteraceae). Coming from Europe and Western Asia, it has a slight apple scent and taste, which is why chamomile in Greek means “Earth apple.” What you’ll find in your herbal teas is the dried chamomile flower. Though chamomile is a low-maintenance herb that you can grow in your garden, it’s also commonly found in teas and personal care products that you can readily use. 

How Chamomile Is Used in Skin Care

Drinking it is not the only way you can reap all of the wonder-full benefits of chamomile. Although perhaps best known as a popular herbal tea component, chamomile is a potent ingredient in skin care because it's packed with the antioxidant apigenin. Long before we started using chamomile in personal care today, the ancient Greeks actually applied it to the skin to help with redness and irritation. Now, chamomile is a popular body care ingredient that's also used to help soothe redness and inflammation. 

Chamomile Benefits 

Chamomile can be quite a versatile herb. While it makes for great tea, its benefits go well beyond a refreshing beverage. This botanical wonder can promote rest, help with relaxation, support digestion, and soothe sensitive skin. 

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  • Jojoba, Coconut & Chamomile Body Oil Spray: After showering, spritz on this body oil spray for 24 hours of soothing hydration. Great for sensitive and dry skin, this formula consists of shea butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to protect, smooth and soften skin. 
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  • Blemish Touch Stick: Powered by deeply cleansing tea tree oil, this handy rollerball also nourishes and soothes skin irritations and blemishes with the help of chamomile, lavender, palmarosa, wintergreen and calendula.  

If you want to hit the refresh button and help your skin flourish, chamomile may be just the ingredient for your nighttime routine. In addition to a soothing cup of tea, maintain your beautiful smile with chamomile-infused toothpaste and wash off the day with a refreshing face wash powered by chamomile. Then, pamper yourself after showering by generously applying a calming body spray to lift your mood and hydrate your skin. To boost your personal care with chamomile, shop Desert Essence's collection today.