While browsing for your next tube of toothpaste to maintain those pearly whites, you'll likely come across fluoride and fluoride-free toothpastes. So, what exactly does this ingredient do in dental care, and why might you opt for an alternative to it? Keep reading ahead to learn all about what fluoride does and what a plant-powered, fluoride-free toothpaste can do for your oral care routine

What Is Fluoride in Toothpaste? 

Fluoride is more or less a ubiquitous mineral that can be found in soil, air and water. In toothpaste products, it's an ingredient that strengthens the tooth enamel to prevent tooth decay. However, consumers have been looking for alternative options to fluoride toothpaste over the years. 

Some concerns over fluoride include fluoride overconsumption and fluoride allergies. Especially for young children, too much fluoride can sometimes cause a condition called dental fluorosis, in which white streaks form on the teeth.

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Benefits

At Desert Essence®, we carry fluoride-free toothpastes that are Non-GMO-Project certified and formulated to help you brush away impurities and give you fresh breath. We leverage the power of botanicals to help you maintain your oral hygiene with minerals, essential oils and botanical extracts such as:

  • Baking soda and sea salt to scrub away plaque
  • Tea tree oil to fight cavity-forming sugar acids and plaque
  • Neem, the Ayurvedic “toothbrush,” to neutralize bacteria while cleansing and removing impurities
  • Mint and wintergreen to freshen breath 

    Other specific ingredients can also target specific issues. Country Life® Vitamins’ activated coconut shell charcoal, for example, helps tackle surface stains, while arnica helps soothe gums. Need an extra boost getting kids excited about oral care? Desert Essence also carries fluoride-free toothpaste gels for kids in delicious flavors such as tutti frutti and green apple watermelon

    Your Fluoride-Free Dental Routine

    Toothpaste isn't the only part of the oral care routine. Let's go step-by-step through how to keep harmful bacteria and plaque at bay without any worrisome ingredients.  

    1. Oil pull:

    The ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling harnesses the cleansing power of plant oils, such as coconut oil, to help remove harmful bacteria. Swish the oil around for anywhere between three to 20 minutes before spitting it out. You can also use a prebiotic plant-based brushing rinse before flossing and brushing to foster a healthy mouth microbiome with wonder-full ingredients such as perilla seed and pure Australian tea tree oil. 

    2. Floss:

    Smoothly glide in those hard-to-reach places with Desert Essence's gluten-free dental floss coated in sustainably sourced beeswax and infused with inherently cleansing tea tree oil. 

    3. Brush:

    After flossing, brush with fluoride-free toothpaste to remove plaque buildup and freshen up your breath! 

    4. Mouthwash:

    End your routine with a trusty fluoride-free mouthwash. At Desert Essence, we formulate ours with nourishing ingredients such as aloe to help soothe irritated gums and neem and tea tree oil to neutralize bacteria. 

    If you're making the switch to fluoride-free, pick up a tube of our fluoride-free toothpaste. For a botanical-powered routine that leaves your teeth sparkling, your gums healthy and your breath minty fresh, get your brushing game on with Desert Essence's oral care products!


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